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Here you can find all our products, we are a colombian company with eight years of experience

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Our products are carefully made with love and our team is innovating in different techniques so that we are the best producers of canine toys in the industry, having a product 100% free of odor

Frequently asked questions


Should I supervise my dog when giving him any and all dog treats and dog chews?

We strongly recommend and encourage all owners to supervise their dog (s) when they are given chewers or treats for anything that could be a possible choking hazard for their pet.

What are Bully Sticks?

Bully canes are a tasty and unique ingredient and very digestible! Dogs of any breed, size or age can take advantage of their many benefits while satisfying their natural chewing instincts. Bully canes are made of high protein meat muscle


How long did the Bully Sticks last?

Bully Sticks can last up to two years or more since they are produced and are known to be a very resistant product. Our stock of bully stick rotates extremely fast and we make sure that each stick we send has at least 1.5 years of remaining life once received


What Ingredients Are On A Bully Stick?

Our bully bully are single ingredient items made from 100% natural pizzle of farm livestock. Some suppliers will create manufactured products that look like bullies, but they are a cocktail of chemicals


Some of our products


You want to keep your dog healthy: quality food, routine checkups, plenty of exercise, but what about his teeth?

Oral hygiene is often forgotten, but an important aspect of your dog’s health. If they have a toothache or sore gums, they may be dealing with pain and stress and you may not even realize it.

Like regular grooming or daily walks, dental care should be a part of your dogs everyday routine. It may take some time for them to get used to it. The best will be to introduce dental care when your dog is still a puppy. Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet, just take a slow, patient approach, and remember that lots of love and treats go a long way in winning him over.

Are Bully Sticks Safe for Puppies?

Bully sticks are great treats for dogs because can be chewed and easy to digest by your dog, also you don’t have to worry about whether your dog swallow it or not.

Bully sticks have many health benefits just like mentioned above, it’s easily digestible, unlike meat that sometimes it is so difficult to digest and takes very long to be processed in their stomach.